Company types Netherlands

Company types in the Netherlands Foreign entrepreneurs interested in opening a business in the Netherlands have to decide on the entity type to suit their needs. Our Netherlands-based company formation agents can assist you in selecting the correct company type. The Netherlands company act allows foreign and national businessmen to operate the following entities: private […]

Set up Dutch BV company

Set up Dutch BV company The Dutch Besloten Vennootschap (BV) a limited liability company (Besloten Vennootschap beperkte aansprakelijkheid) is the most popular legal entity in the Netherlands. The Dutch BV may be compared directly with the American Limited liability company and the German UG or GmbH Considering the new amendments of the Dutch Company Law, the procedure for incorporation […]

Open company Netherlands

How to open company Netherlands We are company formation agents based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. If you are interested in registering a firm in the Netherlands and start doing business in this country, please contact us right away for prices, conditions, and paperwork. We offer you the possibility to be assisted by our representatives who will help you […]

Trust services Netherlands

Trust Services Netherlands Trust services in the Netherlands are regulated with Civil law, trust governs legal operations whereby settlers transfer securities, rights, real estate or financial instruments to a trustee. The purpose of this action is to benefit one or more heirs or beneficiaries. In the Netherlands, trust services are expressly established by contract or […]

Nominee Director Netherlands

Nominee Director Netherlands The formation of a Netherlands company starts with the drafting of the articles of association, the articles contains the internal regulations of the legal entity. Stipulated in these articles are the name(s) of the representatives of the company, its address, the name of the company, its capital and the information on shares […]

Open a STAK Structure in the Netherlands

Open a STAK Structure in the Netherlands A STAK structure (Stichting Administratiekantoor in Dutch) is a type of legal entity available in the Netherlands. It is a voting trust foundation, but there are no shareholders or share capital, which makes it slightly different from other corporate structures. To create a STAK you must acquire a […]

Starting a Dutch Foundation

Starting a Dutch Foundation Thanks to the Netherlands’ loose government regulations and minimal taxation burdens, as well as their fair international codes, the Netherlands provides entrepreneurs a unique location to build a prosperous enterprise. If, however, one is unaware of the appropriate steps needed to found a Dutch foundation, they may easily breach the country’s […]

Types of Dutch Companies

Types of Dutch Companies Like most locations throughout the world, the Netherlands categorises each type of company depending on the function of the venture. If you are a prospective entrepreneur looking to establish a corporation in the Netherlands, or a foreigner simply looking to expand their global reach, be sure to check the list below […]