Forming a Netherlands Limited

Usually, it takes about ten working days to set up a Netherlands Ltd or ”BV”, however, a much faster process, taking about three working days is available.
No need to visit a notary in person, we need a certified and legalized copy of a valid passport and proof of address.
In order for us to complete the registration of the company we have to be able to verify if the corporate shareholder designated (and/or management) has the authority to sign the Deed of Incorporation.

In order for us to do so, we need to receive an extract from the Companies Register of the corporate entity which will act as shareholder or director.
If you registered remotely we’ll need to receive Power of Attorney to be able to sign on behalf of the shareholder/director.

In addition, your company name should be provided in advance so we can check availability.
Additionally; Capital Deposit is not required, the procedure can be completed from abroad, including the application of bank accounts despite the opening of the bank account is mandatory that the director is present.

In addition, an English translation of the documents can be provided for an additional fee.
All services needed to register and operate your company from The Netherlands are provided by us, in addition to a variety of other legal services you may need now or at a later time.

Secretary Service
Appointment of a secretary, who will be in charge of all administrative affairs, such as the timely filing of any return or report. The secretary can also be authorized to sign certain documents. The secretary service includes 12 hours of secretarial support, including, but not limited to, preparation of resolutions which concern day to day business, the application for a VAT number etc.

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