Incorporate Dutch BV

Our firm offers you support through all the necessary steps of how to incorporate a Dutch BV company

Below is a list of the steps that you have to complete:

  1. Contact us to receive a quote. We offer package deals if, in addition to the Dutch BV incorporation, you wish to have a company account at a local bank, a value-added tax number, secretarial and accounting services. We are prepared to assist you with all these.
  2. Upon conclusion of our agreement, we will provide you with a short checklist.
  3. Fill the checklist and return it by email accompanied by the documents listed below.
  4. We need scanned copies of the personal IDs of the directors and shareholders.
  5. We need scanned copies of the permanent addresses of all directors and shareholders.
  6. Once we receive these documents, we will ask you to sign a power of attorney allowing us to register your company on your behalf.
  7. You send back the signed legalized document.
  8. Using this procedure, we are able to incorporate the Dutch company regardless of your location and you do not need to travel to the Netherlands for the purpose.

There is also a possibility to establish a company in the capacity of a non-resident shareholder. You can send an inquiry about the procedure to incorporate a Dutch BV with an international shareholder. With our assistance, this uncomplicated process may take as little as 5 work days, provided that you send us all necessary documents promptly. Read more

We will answer all your questions with our best advice. Please, do not hesitate to ask for further information regarding the Dutch BV incorporate.

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