The Commercial Registry in Germany is called Handelsregister, i.e. Companies House. In fact, this is the official body at which all businesses are obliged to register. Business owners interested in incorporating a German company need to choose a type of entity suitable for their activities and go through a registration process at the Handelsregister.

The Commercial Register in Germany is regulated and supervised by the Amtsgericht, the national district courts. It deals mainly with company registration in Germany, but also provides publicly available information on companies. One of the functions of the Commercial Registry is to monitor and supervise companies for compliance with the Commercial Code.

The German Commercial Registry consists of two divisions. The first one handles all details regarding the procedure for company registration for any type of business: Articles of Incorporation, Directors’ Board, shareholders, etc. The second ensures the appropriate operation of companies in line with the German legislation.

Our consultants are able to assist local and international entrepreneurs planning to set up a business in the country throughout the whole registration process.

How to apply at the German commercial registry?

In order to register a company in Germany, you need to submit some documents regarding your business. The papers have to be signed in front of a public notary and sent through the Internet or handed in at the District Court. Local authorities will have one month to decide whether the documents are complete. The Commercial Registry will issue a certificate of registration and will provide details to the tax authorities and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to notify them of the newly established company.

How to access the German trade register?

The German Commercial Registry is public and therefore allows unrestricted access to its database. This is one of its main functions. Any person can visit a local office of the Registry and perform a company search or inquire on details about a particular German company.

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