European Residency

Obtaining a permanent residency

Setting up a business or relocating an existing company in a foreign country is definitely a complicated and challenging process. There are lots of aspects to be taken into account and formalities to be handled. Moving to a foreign country also means to change the whole life drastically, which is a stressful experience. Intercompany Solutions is always ready to help! We offer entrepreneurs and investors solutions of any problems related to this rather difficult matter.

When moving to a foreign country with an intention of setting up a business, many different aspects should be taken into account. This will determine the future of a company and its growth. Knowing the country you’re moving in for starting a business is half the success. Local culture, language barrier, tax regulations, current political situation and market research have a strong impact on a business growth.

An experienced and competent staff of Intercompany Solutions is eager to assist with the following matters:
1) Tax regulations and incentives
2) Residency permits
3) Accommodation
4) Business-related formalities
5) Finances and banking

European Citizenship programs

In these jurisdictions, non-European residents may obtain European residency or even a European passport.

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