Cyprus citizenship invest

CYPRUS citizenship by invest

The second largest island in the Mediterranean is Cyprus and it is known for its exquisite beauty, gorgeous beaches and historical sites. It is a member of the EU which makes it possible for them to have an attractive political climate, numerous tax advantages, and stable relations with the rest of Europe.

A citizenship in Cyprus offers benefits such as access to any other state in the EU, access to over 154 countries, dual citizenships with other countries, protection, free medical care and education. It also offers amazing business opportunities for you as the investor and the citizenship process takes as little as 4 months to finalize.

Cyprus Citizenship through naturalization

If you are a foreign investor, you can apply for Cypriot citizenship by meeting the following criteria:

  • Direct investments – the investor should have made investments of a minimum of 2 million EUR in the past 3 years in real estate, land development, or infrastructure. He could have purchased, created or participated in businesses operating in Cyprus. He could have made investments in AIFs established in Cyprus or a combination of the abovementioned.
  • No criminal record in the country of origin or Cyprus.
  • Visitation to Cyprus at least once.
  • Be a resident before becoming a citizen.
  • In the case of parents being dependant on the application, an additional property purchase of 500,000 EUR must be made.
  • A privately owned residence of more than 500,000 EUR before tax in Cyprus.

If you would like to find out more about living and becoming a citizen of Cyprus, phone us today. We will also be able to help you with any company formation queries that you have and how the taxation laws of Cyprus will benefits you and your company.