Which Dubai Free Zone To Choose in UAE

Most entrepreneurs settling in the UAE are mainly concerned with what type of free zone they have to set up business in. There are many options, each with different advantages. The free zones share basic characteristics like hundred percent foreign ownership is possible and tax-free import duties. In order to choose the right company you need to ask yourself if you are going to do business in the country, what type of business will you be doing, and what … Read more

Setting Up A Business In Dubai

dubai city backgroundA Dubai company provides amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs and it has become a booming business hub. It will definitely put you on the right road that leads to success, but for many foreign investors, it can be very tedious. Here are a few things to consider before you set up a business in Dubai.

1. Choose the right activity

It is important to choose the right type of activity for your business in the UAE because you might need special … Read more

Advisory Bitcoin Business

We will advise your business in handling Bitcoin transactions

A lot of online businesses have started accepting Bitcoin payments instead of the using the generic ways of accepting payment, however, there are a lot of issues regarding banking and how to be compliant with using Bitcoin in your business. These entrepreneurs are known as a Bitcoin business.

We have the solution for the entrepreneur and not only this, we can also optimize your business to have a legally (tax-free) or … Read more