Business Address In The Netherlands

A business address in the Netherlands is becoming an invaluable asset to any business. Not only do they contribute to the company’s appearance and organizational structure, local business addresses are also a big money-saver in comparison to local offices.

The business address and virtual office services that are provided by our team of skilled individuals are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to establish a bigger presence in the Netherlands without paying extreme amounts for renting an office space.

Virtual offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam offer the optimal solution for investors who are not able to live in these cities but need to establish a presence. This is a very important resource for those who have pertinent business in the Netherlands but are unable to be in the country at all times.

Dutch substance for your business

Business Addresses In Netherlands are a great opportunity for those who do not have an actual office in the Netherlands as they function as a substance to Dutch tax authorities. Substance is needed for any company to acquire a tax number and to be considered a legal entity in Holland, thus being taxable in the Netherlands.

We assist companies with substance requirements by providing the following services:

  • Permission to use our office addresses in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Usage of meeting rooms in our offices
  • Archiving and maintaining documentation on location to provide local corporate substance
  • Customisation of how correspondence should be sent and received
  • Access to an executive assistant that will take customer calls with direct instructions from you
  • Instruction to us on sending mail to any company around the globe

Business office address in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Having an address located in one of Holland’s two prime cities will not only help your business benefit the presence of a premium location office, it will also spare you the expense of having to rent an entire office. The costs for a business address in Netherlands are much lower than those of renting an actual office in the major Dutch cities.

If you establish a registered office in the Netherlands you will benefit from a high profile business address and form credible relations with your clients.

If you are interested in establishing a virtual office in the Netherlands, you can contact one of our incorporation agents for advice and solutions that are fitted to your company’s needs. Of course, we can assist with all company formation services.

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