Ajman Offshore Company

Starting a business in Ajman

Starting a business in Ajman


The Ajman Free Zone was established in 1988 and over the past few years it has seen a number of investors taking part in the Ajman offshore company formation. Like all other offshore jurisdictions, it offers a zero taxation system as well as company confidentiality and security. It is situated close to the main business hub of the UAW, Dubai, and it is close to the Persian Gulf, making it a great way for investors to form import-export companies.

Benefits of Ajman offshore company

There are many benefits of the Ajman jurisdiction which is why investors seem to favor it above the others. It does not require the investor to rent or hold office premises, there is no trading allowed within the UAE, there is no registration needed at the Chamber of Commerce, and there is no residence visa required for the owner or directors.

Types of business activities in Ajman
The Ajman Offshore Authority allows the following business activities to be conducted within the free zone: general trading, consulting services, holding companies, investments and joint investment companies, property owning, international services, professional services, shipping companies, and commissioning agents.
As an offshore entity, their processes for Ajman company formation are much faster than in other jurisdictions. As soon as the name of the company and its business activities has been approved and the incorporation documents have been submitted, it takes up to 2 working days for the company to start operations.

Documents needed for Ajman offshore company
Each shareholder will have to produce a passport and an original proof of residence. The Articles of Association, Memorandum or Incorporation, and the Application for incorporating an offshore company will need to have been completed and submitted.