Advisory Bitcoin Business

We will advise your business in handling Bitcoin transactions

A lot of online businesses have started accepting Bitcoin payments instead of the using the generic ways of accepting payment, however, there are a lot of issues regarding banking and how to be compliant with using Bitcoin in your business. These entrepreneurs are known as a Bitcoin business.

We have the solution for the entrepreneur and not only this, we can also optimize your business to have a legally (tax-free) or tax optimized company. We provide concierge services for pro-Bitcoin companies and assist in the banking compliance and regulations. From Forex to marketing businesses, we provide assistance with all-in Bitcoin payment solutions.

We will advise you on handling your Bitcoin payments and processing the payments successfully and securely. If you run a small business that sells regular goods and services national currency, such as dollars, you want to use Bitcoin as a way legally to pay and would pay taxes on the income like any other income being received.

We have ready-made solutions to legally interact with Bitcoin. One of the solutions to be compliant in promoting your use of Bitcoin is by posting a sign stating ‘We Accept Bitcoin’ on your website business, also stating that the person must contact you directly to make payment. Using Bitcoin in your business has two main advantages, one it increases awareness of the Bitcoin system overall and two, customers will be more inclined to try a new method of payment and they will know how to spend the coins.

We can protect your privacy against third parties as Bitcoin conducts anonymous transactions and is now seen as a way to compete with current government currency, with this many people running a business who intend to use or are using Bitcoin are unsure of the right way to use Bitcoin and control transactions. Bitcoin is not formally known by governments and authorities, however, Bitcoin is like most methods of accepting payments, such as cash, Giftcards, and foreign currency.

We want to ensure that you receive the best possible advice on security and protecting yourself against fraud. It is important to consider and be aware of the possibility and risk of fraudsters that could potentially send counterfeit invoices to your customers and then make them pay to a Bitcoin address they control, rather than payment being sent to you.

If in your business you sell things via a website you will need to use the Bitcoin merchant solution to be able to accept Bitcoins, which can be converted to USD or other known currencies automatically with other services. Alternatively, if you sell things in a shop, customers can make payment using hardware terminals that are touch screen based applications, they can also use a simple wallet address through their QR codes provided. Even though this is unlikely in most cases, the fraudster may find your who your customer is first and cause fraud that way.

One of the ways this can be controlled is to never allow customers to try to type Bitcoin addresses off payment stubs, instead, they should enter their full Bitcoin address from your website via a safe and secure SSL.  You will be able to provide the customer with a receipt of payment for satisfaction and so that there is a reference to their transaction.