The top reasons why Brits choose the Netherlands to register their businesses

As the Brexit date in October is closing in, more and more British entrepreneurs and companies are chosing to move their headquarters or backup subsidiaries to the Netherlands. The future is still very unclear. No one really knows how reality…
European Union Map with UK removed by pencil eraser, concept of Brexit as Britain vote to leave

Big companies have backup subsidiaries in the Netherlands as insurance for a hard Brexit

The globally anticipated Brexit date (the 31st of October) is approaching rapidly and this is beginning to cause a lot of stress among many British investors and entrepreneurs. If you own an UK based company and have not really thought about…

More than a 100 companies have already moved their British businesses to the Netherlands

Since the referendum in 2016, Brexit has been a topic of massive controversy ever since. Will it really benefit the UK to exit the European Union? What kind of consequences will this have for both laborers as well as business owners? And what…