The worldwide transport of goods increases in distance and volume every day. The Netherlands plays a major role in the world market thanks to its developed logistics.

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A world trade centre

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Business expansion may prompt investors to consider changing the types of their companies. There are many reasons to make such a decision: better recognition on the market, less liability and increased access to funds.

The initial choice of company type is largely dependent on the amount of available capital and the business opportunities at the time. The first step often is to set up a small business. In time the investors will decide whether to upgrade to another type of … Read more

The Dutch government has decided to support a new policy on taxes proposed by Menno Snel, State Secretary of Finance and to take action with respect to the first priority on the agenda: stop tax evasion and avoidance.

For the coming years, the policy includes 5 priorities:

  1. to stop tax evasion and avoidance;
  2. to reduce the taxes on labour;
  3. to promote a competitive tax climate for real activities in the economy;
  4. to make the system for taxation greener,
  5. and more
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The Dutch high technology industry is one of the most inventive worldwide due to the modern facilities and the innovations in the field of development and research. The Dutch high-tech products and expertise are in high demand and are subject to global export.

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The Netherlands is among the largest providers of chemical services and products in Europe. The necessary materials are readily available or easily accessible, while the extensive national network for transportation facilitates travel on the continent and overseas.

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If a group of individuals wants to fulfil a particular goal, for example, all members want to participate in a given sport, make music or improve a shopping area, they have the option to establish an association (vereniging) that is a type of legal entity.

Main characteristics of the Dutch association

  • Associations in the Netherlands should have at least two members.
  • All association members are entitled to a vote.
  • The Members Meeting (Ledenvergadering) has exclusive authority and power.
  • The Members
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If you are an owner of a Dutch business but at some point, you become unable to cover your company’s debts, you may petition for bankruptcy in front of the Dutch court. For this purpose, you need to fill out a form (in Dutch) either personally or on behalf of the company that you represent. The application can be submitted without hiring a lawyer.

Creditors filing for bankruptcy

If your company has more than two creditors, they may hire a … Read more

Holland has a good standing with respect to energy efficiency and renewable energy and leads the charts for greenhouse farming, processing of biomass and wind energy in marine environments. The energy industry provides a substantial part of the national income, employment and exports of the country. Therefore the Dutch government has adopted a modern industrial policy in order to take better advantage of any economic opportunities related to grey and green energy.

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The national government provides support to companies developing innovative products by means of grants, innovation credits and tax benefits. The European Union also offers different grants for innovation.

Innovations create opportunities

Inventive businesses can participate in the quest for solutions concerning fundamental social issues, such as population ageing, deadly diseases and food security. The development of new products can give them access to markets they have not previously explored. Innovations boost the economy and create jobs. Therefore the government embraces … Read more

Advantages of working in a cooperative

In case you are planning to use the advantages of cooperative work, such as pooled marketing and purchasing efforts, one of the options is to register an entity called “coöperatie” or cooperative. This form of entity is also useful if you are dealing with increasing workloads or have health problems. The other participants in the collective can handle some of your work.

Definition and types of cooperatives

The cooperative is an association concluding specific … Read more