The Netherlands is welcoming foreigners intending to work and live on its territory and start private businesses. The country offers an ideal environment for setting up a branch or establishing the headquarters of a big company, but smaller businesses also develop well. The Netherlands is among the European member states where motivated investors and entrepreneurs can set up new businesses with comparatively small initial capital. Below is a list of five sectors suitable for opening a small company:

1. The

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According to a research by Savills Investment Management, Amsterdam remains among the 5 most dynamic European cities for a number of years. The factors used in the ranking are focused mainly on the suitability for new investments. Cambridge, London and Paris are among the other top cities.

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The top qualities of Amsterdam

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International investors can register their operations in Germany as companies, branches or partnerships. The GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) or in English a company with limited liability, LLC) is the most popular company form in Germany.  This entity is preferred because of its uncomplicated and flexible financial and corporate structure. The shareholders carry limited liability covering the share capital of the company.

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The Netherlands qualifies among the most progressive countries worldwide in regards to financial technology. The sector has a branch that uses blockchain wallets for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the country has established WestHolland: a centre for development and research employing innovations to provide new technology for all areas of the economy. In the summer of 2017, the National Bank of the Netherlands officially announced the establishment of a new department for blockchain technology development.

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Famous for its welcoming and dynamic atmosphere, the Netherlands attracts young people who wish to study or try their luck at starting up a business. Investors planning to open start-up companies in the country need a residence permit in order to do so. The document is issued if certain conditions are fulfilled. The application is submitted to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) for approval. International residents interested in immigrating to the Netherlands may ask for assistance before starting the … Read more