The procedure for opening a company in Germany represents a sequence of standard steps to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. The necessary actions include the preparation of Articles of Incorporation (AoI) and other required documents: specimens of signatures, copies of passports and specific forms provided by the office for company registration. All procedures connected with the signing of documents need to be notarized in Germany. For you to open company in Germany, you also require a registered office, a … Read more

The Dutch holding company has proven to be an ideal structure for many different ventures. The Netherlands’ laissez-faire practices give businesses little to no regulation, minimal taxation, and generally, ease the stress of many entrepreneurs. In this article, we will analyze the main characteristics and benefits of opening a Dutch holding company.

What is a Netherlands holding company?

A Netherlands holding company is a type of business with the intention to ‘hold’ the stock of other corporations with the aim … Read more